Laredo, Texas: A Spirited Border Town

Situated at the border of South Texas and Mexico, Laredo, Texas offers residents a definitive Tex-Mex experience. Laredo’s economy is largely based on international trade with Mexico, and many transportation hubs are located in the city. Laredo boasts several attractions that speak to the city’s deeply Mexican heritage, including San Agustin Plaza, Republic of the Rio Grande Museum and San Agustin Cathedral. San Bernardo Avenue is Laredo’s most well-known shopping destination and offers tourists and locals 40-plus blocks of Mexican import merchandise, as well as bakeries, bars, restaurants, and pawn shops. Laredo hosts its fair share of annual events, as well. These include the month-long Washington’s Birthday Celebration, in honor of George Washington, and Jamboozie, a celebration of Mexican-American culture similar to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras that boasts live music, flamboyant costumes, and numerous block parties. For colorful living that merges the best of Texan and Mexican culture, make your home in Laredo!